Religious Emblems (Youth)

A Scout is Reverent.

The Jewish Committee on Scouting helps support Jewish Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and Girl Scouts who want to earn their religious emblems:.  We also have a recognition event to formally recognize and/or award the scout on their accomplishment.  If you would like to present the scout instead at your own unit Court of Honor, we are happy to arrange for a representative to attend and present the award.

The actual work take place (depending on level) at home, with your Rabbi, or with an authorized counselor.

All Jewish Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and Girl Scouts are encouraged to earn their appropriate award.

 Email if have questions.

What Emblem Can I Earn:

Cub Scouts
1st-3rd grade – Download the requirements and workbook for the Maccabee Emblem.
4th-5th grade – Download the emblem requirements and workbook for the Aleph Emblem
Boy Scouts
6th – 8th Grade – Download the requirements and workbook for the Ner Tamid emblem
9th – 12th Grade – Download the requirements and workbookfor the Etz Chaim religious emblem.
(Venturer’s can do the Etz Chaim award as well.
More information for Boy Scout Awards can be found at –
Girl Scouts have the following awards

The Jewish Awards for Girl Scouts are:

Grades   2 – 3   – Lehavah Award
Grades   4 – 6   – Bat Or Award
Grades   7 – 9   – Menorah Award
Grades 10 – 12 – Or Emunah Award
Unfortunately, the Girl Scouts do not have links to the workbooks online and must be ordered by mail.
You can find more information at
Can I still work on this if my family doesn’t do much religious stuff?: Definitely YES. We hope that this helps better connect you to Judaism and learn more about your religion. Did you know that at every rank, the new Boy Scout advancement requirements include : Tell how you have done your duty to G-d.”
Who Do I Contact with Questions:  Feel free to email